Laura L

Working with Donna and learning how to incorporate the principals of Ayurveda into my life has been a life-changing experience in so many positive ways.  I lost 5 pounds, my intense knee pain has completely vanished and I feel great!

Amie D.

Donna's daily support and detailed instructions made the process simple and doable. I saw amazing results at the end of ten days, and I was thrilled!

Amanda R.

My mind has never been so clear and I've never felt so alive as on this cleanse!  Donna is the real deal and clearly has a passion for helping people live their healthiest and best lives!

Michelle P.

Donna introduced me to many of the Ayurvedic concepts during my 10 day cleanse.  She provided support, ideas and information on a daily basis. Almost immediately, I started feeling better. I had more energy and continue to as I have continued following the plan. I was curious about Ayurveda and Donna was the perfect companion for the journey!

Jennifer H.

Donna's extensive knowledge of Auyrveda is extraordinary. Learning about Ayurvedic nutrition and how it affects our emotional and physical well-being has helped me tremendously.  The 10 day detox changed the way I think about eating. I feel healthier and happier since the detox. I've lost weight and have learned so much about what to eat and how to cook!  Donna has a very unique intuition for knowing what I needed to heal and change some very negative patterns and habits. So blessed and thankful for her warmth, support and humor.  She is very gifted.

Sybil N.

About 5 years ago, I discovered I had high levels of inflammation which caused a great deal of joint pain.  I chose the naturopathic approach to healing which ultimately lead me to the Ayurvedic cleanse with Donna.  I've continued the ayurvedic way of eating and it's keeping my symptoms at bay and my quality of life has improved greatly.  Donna has a very supportive and knowledgable way of co-creating a regimen specific to her clients.  I highly recommend working with Donna to take control of your digestive health.