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For more than 5,000 years, ayurveda has been practiced to promote wellness in India. From the Sanskrit words ayurs (life) and veda (knowledge), ayurveda branches from Hindu scriptures called the Vedas, and has influenced Buddhist philosophy, Eastern and Western health care — and it is beginning to find a place in diet trends. Its practitioners consider ayurveda to be a sacred system that unites natural elements, spirituality and diet. In short, nourishment of the body is tethered to nourishment of the mind and soul.  Since the beginning, the sister sciences of yoga nd Ayurveda have been practiced together.  The depth created by combining them creates a foundation to anyone to thrive in mind and body.

Meet Donna Papania


Donna Papania is a nationally renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner, Educator and Yoga instructor  of  18  years. She holds a masters degree in nutrition,  undergraduate degrees  in  both  nutrition  and  exercise  scienc,  is  a  eRYT  500,  and is a certified reiki master and Ayurvedic energy point therapist.  Donna spent 10 years in the desert of New Mexico studying with and working for Dr. Vasant Lad  Where  she  assisted  Dr.  Lad  in  the  Pancha Karma  (cleansing)  Department as  his  assistant  consultant and  therapist.   She taught Ayurvedic  Diet  and  Lifestyle classes at the Ayurvedic Institute  and  served as the head of the yoga department.  She is a mama to three, a beach lover and is fond of the quote by Ram Dass, "We are all just walking each other home."